Terms & Condition

Terms and Conditions: Murillo Merchandise

Article 1: Scope

The following terms and conditions govern the purchase of products on Murillo Merchandise's website, operated under the partnership of certified partners with Murillo Merchandise.

Customers must review the information on the protection of personal data and agree to its processing before making any purchases.

Customers are required to carefully review the general conditions of sale and privacy policies on the Murillo Merchandise website before initiating any purchases. Proceeding with a purchase indicates the customer's full acknowledgment and agreement to these policies, and purchases should not be made without such acceptance.

By purchasing a product or products, customers explicitly accept the general terms and conditions of the sale, including payment, and commit to reading the privacy policy in its entirety. Customers provide clear consent for the processing of personal information and agree to comply with all specified agreements, including the chosen payment method.

Products offered on Murillo Merchandise’s website are exclusively intended for individuals aged 18 or older who are legally competent to enter into a binding contract. Murillo Merchandise reserves the right to refrain from processing orders from individuals who do not meet these criteria. For our reseller clients, all marketplaces are authorized to resell our inventory.

Article 3 – How to Purchase

Any purchase of products completed by customers is done in coordination with the information displayed and described on the Murillo Merchandise website, including the indicated price and additional taxes and fees, which may vary depending on the location. Additional costs, such as shipping expenses, will be clearly presented at the moment of purchase.

The presence of items is contingent on the quantity of units, and Murillo Merchandise cannot ensure the delivery of ordered products. For example, situations such as out-of-stock occurrences may impact the fulfillment of orders. Murillo Merchandise offers customers the option to reserve products where possible and will communicate thoroughly regarding delivery times, which may occasionally take longer than usual. Correspondence will be conducted via email at support@murillomerchandise.com.

Before finalizing any purchase, customers will always be informed of the specific unit cost of each selected product, the total quantity ordered (if more than one), and any applicable delivery charges.

Upon completing their purchase, customers will receive an email confirmation of their order, with Murillo Merchandise confirming its receipt and providing a unique order number. Subsequently, customers will receive a second email confirming the acceptance of the order, detailing the delivery of products to the specified address, and indicating the estimated delivery date. This information allows clients to review relevant details and report or request further information if necessary at support@murillomerchandise.com.

Customers can conveniently check the status of their orders either in the designated customer area or by visiting the "Track Your Order" tab on the www.murillomerchandise.com homepage.

Orders may fall into one of the following statuses:

  1. PROCESSING: The order has been placed, and payment has been successfully verified.  If no authorization is received, the international banking system will automatically cancel orders.

  2. ON HOLD: Murillo Merchandise has acknowledged receipt of the order and is awaiting payment confirmation from the customer.

  3. COMPLETED: The purchased goods have been dispatched to the designated courier for transportation. 

Article 4 – Methods of Payment

Payment by installments is strictly prohibited unless otherwise agreed and approved by Affirm or the customer's own banking promotion terms.

If the customer opts to pay using one of the credit card options accepted and displayed on the website, payment must be submitted with the purchase order. The validity of this payment method will be rigorously verified by the provider during the order process, with an email sent to the customer indicating the results. Murillo Merchandise receives credit at the moment of product shipment.

While product prices are subject to change, confirmed orders may or may not be affected by such alterations.

In the event that the provider or institution issuing the credit card declines payment for any reason, Murillo Merchandise will not be held responsible for any delay or non-delivery of items.

Murillo Merchandise reserves the right to automatically cancel any order lacking the relevant information needed to complete a transaction.

Information from the buyer’s credit card or financial details will never be known by Murillo Merchandise. This information is transmitted through a secure connection to an online portal for the customer's bank or finance company. Consequently, Murillo Merchandise will not be held responsible for any fraudulent or illegal use of credit cards that may potentially occur during the transaction of a purchase. If PayPal is chosen as a payment method, customers will be immediately directed to the PayPal login page to complete their order.

With PayPal transactions, the purchase amount is charged to the customer’s PayPal account at the time of order. In the case of a customer cancellation or non-acceptance by Murillo Merchandise, the amount will be refunded to the customer’s individual PayPal account. Murillo Merchandise is not liable for any damages, direct or indirect, resulting from delays in releasing the amount committed by PayPal. For each PayPal transaction, the customer will receive confirmation directly from PayPal by email. Murillo Merchandise reserves the right to cancel and/or suspend an order if PayPal sends an email showing errors and/or irregularities in the payment. In such cases, Murillo Merchandise reserves the right to obtain additional information from the customer, including sending documents to prove ownership of credit cards. Murillo Merchandise also reserves the right not to accept the order without the customer having the right to claim damages.

If the customer cancels an order reserved with payment by credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal, Murillo Merchandise will reimburse through the same chosen method of payment, with requests for other methodologies not permitted under any circumstances.

Customer data is processed in a way that prevents third parties from accessing it. To enhance security, customers are advised to use internet providers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari. Until customers confirm any order, the data concerning credit card details will exclusively reside on the customer’s computer or device. 

Article 5 – Delivery

Murillo Merchandise ensures worldwide delivery through its network of vendors, collaborating with renowned freight partners such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, and the Postal Service. The typical delivery time within Europe is 3-5 business days. For destinations outside Europe, like North America and Asia, the estimated delivery time extends to 5-10 business days. It's important to note that delivery times may vary based on the destination, and unforeseen events or acts of God might impact these schedules.

Invoices for orders dispatched via couriers are conveniently accessible for download and printing from the customer’s personalized account area. Once generated, no modifications to the invoices can be made.

To safeguard against potential loss or damage, packages are insured up to a maximum of $30, unless a different agreement has been reached and noted by the buyer during the purchase. Additional insurance options are available and can be obtained by contacting our team at support@murillomerchandise.com.

Products are dispatched from Murillo Merchandise partners within 1-3 business days following confirmation of payment. All dispatches are subject to a thorough payment verification process. In the case of advance payments, excluding bank transfers, and where anomalies are detected (such as a mismatch between the registered person's name and the credit card holder), goods are delivered within 7 working days from the payment verification or the conclusion of necessary tests to ensure payment regularity.

If, by any rare occurrence, a product is not delivered within 10 working days following order confirmation, customers can directly email support@murillomerchandise.com with the subject line "non-delivery," providing the order number and any additional information. Murillo Merchandise commits to responding within 2 working days to resolve the issue or, if necessary, offer an explanation for the non-fulfillment of orders.

For unclaimed packages returned to the vendor, the buyer is responsible for a fixed fee of $55, invoiced or deducted from the refund.

Returns due to incorrect shipping information, such as name or address, are the buyer's responsibility, incurring a fixed fee of $55.

Customs operations for shipments outside the EU are meticulously managed by Murillo Merchandise in collaboration with the selected freight provider's customs agency. Buyers are responsible for additional customs charges, and any required documentation will be promptly provided by Murillo Merchandise to facilitate the clearance process. Leveraging over 10 years of experience in international deliveries and serving thousands of international buyers, we guarantee a swift and seamless delivery experience.

Article 6a – Refunds and Returns – Customer

Customers have a 14-day return policy. Late returns, defective items, and customer dissatisfaction returns are handled as specified.

Article 6b – Refunds and Returns – Retail & Online Bulk Buyers

Bulk buyers have a 7-day return policy for defects and wrong-shipped items. Returns process and conditions are detailed in this section.

Refunds for canceled orders are provided, minus transaction fees.

Article 7 – Privacy Policy

Murillo Merchandise acknowledges the responsibility as the custodian of customers' data, and the comprehensive details regarding the utilization of their personal information are encapsulated in the privacy document, aligned with the Protection of Personal Information legislation. Customers are required to affirm acceptance of this policy before proceeding with any purchases, emphasizing key areas:

Purposes of Data Processing: Customer data is processed for commercial, promotional, and sales purposes, aiming to identify potential customers for specific products or services. This encompasses activities such as statistical analysis, collecting customer satisfaction feedback, and preliminary information gathering for service agreements. Additionally, data processing is conducted to fulfill obligations under applicable laws, regulations, or legislation.

Data Communication: Personal data collected by Murillo Merchandise will be communicated and processed by trusted individuals engaged in operational, technical, and organizational tasks. This ensures that the data, provided by customers, are utilized exclusively for job-related services, with no disclosure to third parties unless mandated by law or essential for meeting specific requirements.

Credit Card Details Processing: Details of credit cards processed through email, telephone, or fax are handled by the secure PayPal server. Importantly, these details are immediately canceled after the transaction, ensuring the highest level of security.

Rights of Interested Parties: Customers hold the right to exercise specific privileges. This includes obtaining confirmation of the existence of their data, even if not yet recorded, and receiving information about the origin, purpose, and methods of processing personal data. The identity of the owner, responsible person, and categories of persons with access to the data are also disclosed. Furthermore, customers can request the cancellation, transformation, or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, as well as updates, rectifications, or integrations, where feasible. Legitimate objections to the processing of personal data, even if related to the original purpose of collection, are respected. Customers can also object to the processing of personal data for advertising or market research purposes.

Article 8 – Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by the laws of the United States. Disputes regarding the validity, interpretation, or execution of this contract will be under the jurisdiction of the United States district courts.

Article 9 – Modifications

Murillo Merchandise reserves the right to edit this document without notice, effective from the date of publication on www.murillomerchandise.com.

Article 10 – Complaints

Any customer complaints should be directed to support@murillomerchandise.com for prompt and effective resolution. 

Article 11 – Additional Information

All communication and contracts will be in English.  Murillo Merchandise’s Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions are available here.